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Let's Party


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Have a Shot,
Hold the Cringe

Years of frat parties, house parties, and pregames have given us a special appreciation for the greatest college tradition: drinking. Sure, we like good beer and love great liquor, but there will always be a special place in our hearts for Bankers, Vlad, Natty Light, and everything else that exists just to get the job done. But our experience with the harsh stuff taught us there’s nothing worse than that gap between taking a shot and reaching for the chaser. We hated it, so we eliminated it.

The Sliz Cup is engineered to party.

Take shots without the cringe.

"Luckily I'm fluent in hangover."

— Noelle D.

"Best invention ever."

— Kerri G.

"on my way to get slizzard."

— Brennan C.

"Never sliz alone."

— Jacob M.